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Apply For Financing

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    You agree that you read this Application and everything stated in it is true and complete. You certify that you are at least 18 years of age.

    You authorize us to verify and obtain your credit and employment history or other information about you in this Application. You authorize us to obtain credit reports or similar consumer reports about you from one or more consumer reporting agencies in connection with your Application. If we approve this Application, you authorize us to obtain such credit and consumer reports about you in the future from consumer reporting agencies in connection with reviews, updates, extensions, renewals, modification, servicing, and collection of your account, and other legitimate purposes allowed by law. If you request, we will inform you whether we obtained a consumer report about you and, if so, provide the name and address of the consumer reporting agency that furnished any such report.

    You understand and agree that we may provide information about your transactions with us to third parties (including consumer reporting agencies) for lawful purposes. WE MAY REPORT INFORMATION ABOUT YOUR ACCOUNT TO CREDIT BUREAUS. LATE PAYMENTS, MISSED PAYMENTS, OR OTHER DEFAULTS ON YOUR ACCOUNT MAY BE REFLECTED IN YOUR CREDIT REPORT.

    IMPORTANT INFORMATION ABOUT ACCOUNT OPENING PROCEDURES: Federal law requires all financial institutions to obtain, verify and record information that identifies each person who requests to open an account prior to account opening.

    WHAT THIS MEANS TO YOU: When you apply, we will ask for your name, address, date of birth and other information that will allow us to identify you. We may also ask to see your driver’s license or other identifying documents. Failure to provide the required information may result in denial of your request to open an account.

    You agree that we may call you, leave you a voice, prerecorded, or artificial voice message, or send you a text, e-mail, or other electronic message for any purpose related to your accounts with us, its products and services, or surveys or research (each, a “Communication”). You agree that we may call or text you at any telephone number associated with your accounts, including cellular telephone numbers, and may send an e-mail to any email address associated with your accounts. You also agree that we may include your personal information in a Communication and may conduct a Communication using an automatic telephone dialing system. We will not charge you for a Communication, but you understand that your service provider may. You understand and agree that we may always communicate with you in any manner permitted by law that does not require your prior consent.

    You certify that: (i) the property purchased pursuant to this Application is for your personal and/or business use; (ii) you are fully responsible for making all payments for such property; (iii) such property will be in your possession or under your control, until the amount financed and all interest charges have been paid in full; and (iv) you are not purchasing any property financed through us for the benefit or use of a person or entity other than you, without our prior written approval. You understand and agree that you are granting us a purchase money security interest in the property you purchase with the Sheffield account.

    Federal law requires that you receive a clear description of your required payments. Please review the disclosures and your credit agreement carefully to understand your payment obligations."]

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